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dress- zara, tailored, blouse- h&m, tights- missguided, sunglasses- ray ban, shoes-f21

hello! i'm still alive… i've been a little absent in the blog-o-sphere and per usual i don't have a good excuse for not blogging other than being extremely lazy and content with my current situation. you know-- wake up, go to class, drive home, eat some food, watch a film, forget to brush my hair, repeat. i guess this outfit is inspired by a french maid who likes to dress like a conservative nun. i had to somehow justify wearing these amazing gifted tights courtesy of Missguided which are genius and oh-so fun because you will never have to do the annoying thing of pulling up your socks because we all know high knee socks always sag and it is such a pain having to pull them up when you're busy springing to class.  am i making sense? anyways, they were kind enough to send me two lovely dresses as well which will be on the blog soon. (soon being a rather elusive term here by my own standards) i am currently in the editing lab on campus where i spent way too much time by myself and surrounded by nothing but rows of apple computers and nothingness. sometimes i don't make sense to myself either. talk to you soon! xx and no im not going to coachella this year and i am not sad about it at. all.



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I am so very thankful for the fact that we have a pub on campus. A beer or two before/after/during class is a must in order to retain somewhat of my sanity on certain days. Paired with my current favorite boots and what more do you need, really? Exported my last video frame on Thursday, which means I'm on spring break right now. Other than a external hardware malfunction that was pretty soul-crushing because I lost more than half of the footage I had shot and a lot of my old photos, it has been a good week and a sweet end a productive and fun quarter. One more to go till I graduate from UCSD. Crazy.



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check out 42 magazine's latest issue here, and check out the rest of their issues as well. thanks again to the talented crew: krisnoff, stephanie, jair, justus for the feature. it's always a little weird talking about fashion and about myself in this kind of context. it's the oscars! too bad we couldn't make it down to  LA as we did last year and frolic around town due to the rain, but all is good. somehow i've gotten a bit less invested and interested in the whole h-wood spectacle ever since moving to california...  proximity kills. i find it quite funny how these things happen.



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Image and video hosting by TinyPic4photos, tshirt- brandy melville, handchain - jewelmint, shorts- zara, shoes- seychelles courtesy of dnafootwear.com, earrings-f21
Fresh air. Sea salt. Dust. Cliffs. Annoying long earrings. Pho with best friend. Gym. Class. Burrito. Home = summary of the day. Anyways, a busy week ahead after a very lazy weekend.  Finished House Of Cards. Sad--I don't want to wait another year for thirteen hours of bliss. Plus I miss DC. oh well. Peace x 



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4 photos / tshirt- brandy melville worn inside out for no reason, shorts- vintage, glasses rayban, boots- shiekhs

I think one of my biggest fears in life is the idea of losing the currency of youth, not in terms of set numerical values, but to wake up one morning without that sense of urgency to  do something with your life and to realize that you've exhausted and wasted time and energy on things that will bury and suffocate you in a pool of being 'content'... I guess this is why I get so frustrated with myself sometimes--but in the end and as always, the finest remedy is traveling and creating. Thus, the insertion of this past weekend, which was golden. On Saturday, Karen and I headed South near the US-Mexico border to shoot some footage for a short documentary, and on Sunday we picked up Ellen and left San Diego at around 6am and headed towards Salton Sea/Bombay Beach. The road, packed lunches, disclosure album, border patrol, camera gear and great company. Shot some footage out there and ended up wandering through the not-quite ghost town of toxic abandon. Stumbled across abandoned trailers and living spaces consisting of somewhat unsettling graffiti tags and memorabilia & paraphernalia remnants so quickly felt too much of an intruder and left with my curiosity piqued yet satisfied.



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My favorite products at the moment from left to right: New glasses courtesy of Firmoo, Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit Wash, Burberry Body, La Neige night creme, BLVGRI Rose Essentiale, Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Clearasil & Refinery29 were kind enough to send some of Clearasil's products over last week. To be honest I was very skeptical at first (I don't like putting extraneous or new stuff on my face) but I found this particular face wash to be super gentle and cleansing, so I decided it was worthy of being included in my current 'favorite' sections that help me #wintheday. I know some of you have asked for a while now for me to do a make up post and I promise I will soon!

If you are at all interested in trying the new Clearasil line, here is a rebate so that you can sample them yourself for free!



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taken in amsterdam, hotel port die cleve, circa 2011
One of the best things in life, in my opinion, is to wake up in a hotel room in some unknown city (wrapped in crisp white sheets), filled with the thrill and excitement of exploring whatever foreign terrain you have decided to conquer that day. This photo was taken two summers ago when my sister and I went back home to visit our friends in Amsterdam and our family in Berlin. Some #tbt for ya.  
Have a fantastic week, you deserve it.



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Not a real football fan (much prefer soccer, beyond excited for fifa 2014 in brazil, rooting for the dutch in orange, of course) but since the niners were playing last night I guess this was the closest to thing to a jersey that I owned. Anyways, finally got around to watching 'twelve years a slave' and 'wolf of wall street' this week-- the first was heartbreaking and the latter was quite entertaining. I guess you really can't go wrong with scorsese + an angry leo. also, yeah, i dyed my hair again. sometimes I just get bored and need a change.



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Alas, a jewelry post containing everything I lugged with me for my final few months in san diego, and a snippet of my wall decor. when I was a child I claimed it my prerogative to collect and hoard empty perfume bottles from strangers and aunties, (later in life it became rocks and pokemon cards) so perhaps my current jewelry collection is simply a manifestation of my adult hoarder side resurfacing. speaking of jewelry, if you are in need of any, check out fresh trends-- they have some cool body pieces for really sweet prices.. as for life, I am pretty happy with how school and being back in southern california is going. living a couple of blocks from the beach has definitely made transitioning from the east coast a lot smoother. also, i thought it was time for a complete change for this blog and came up with this new design while trying to teach myself how to code. (somewhat of a fail, but i'm working on it)
p.s shot an exciting project yesterday that I can't wait to share with you as well. take care, much love.



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blazer- h&m, shirt- target, shorts- foreign exchange, bag- vintage, shoes sheychelles courtesy of DNAfootwear.com 

Decided to stay 'California warm' today by wearing a questionable length shirt and a pair of camera shy shorts that really make it seem like I forgot to wear pants this morning. I'm back in San Francisco enjoying what is left of my winter break-- basically that means catching up on T.V shows & movies before I head back to So-Cal to finish up school and graduate. Woohoo.
Anyways, I've been completely hooked on AMC's 'The Killing' these past few days-- such an insanely smart and well paced show. You guys seen anything good lately? Let me know!
Also, the very wonderful people from DNA Footwear sent me these most perfect suede beige booties by Seychelles. Double zipper back details, chunky heel perfection, butter soft suede,  flawless rustic, sand beige coloring -- what more can a girl ask for? You can find them here.
Again, thank you guys so much DNA footwear. & thank you courtney (@cyeetheworld) as well.
Here's to 2014! Stay safe! Please don't drink and drive. Instagram @xHighdee



i usually don't like to dump my instagram photos on here because i get very obsessive about perfecting and aligning the various pesky formatting issues that my iphone photos always seems to have. but since i have really nothing else to post (excuse me while i have been hibernating for 2+ weeks),  i figured to let go of my ocd-ness when it comes to layouts and formats and cue the d.c photos:

1. view of the willard hotel, where MLK wrote 'i have a dream'
2. i lived about five blocks away from the white house, so i would pass it every time i went for a run!   
3. cupcakes from baked and wired in georgetown, close to where i worked.
4. bathroom selfie taken in between writing papers 
5. my desk at my internship
6. a perfect day, sailing to chesapeake bay
7. outfit taken in williamsburg, new york. 
8. on air and bts with bloomberg news
9. shot of the intersection of new york ave and 17th in downtown d.c
10. happy hour with lovely friends in eastern market
11. fall foliage in rock creek park
12. anderson cooper, the silver fox! an extremely kind and intelligent man, taken on capitol hill

all in all-- probably one of the best 3 months of my life! i am very thankful and grateful for the experience and cannot wait to go back some day. merry christmas, btw.