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sweater - banana republic, shoes- nike, pants- h&m, bag-balenciaga

now here's an outfit that is an easy upgrade from the much beloved and abused sweatpants and pjs combination. a large knit turtle neck sweater + slinky silk patterned pants + my trusty nikes = what i'm currently into. nothing flashy, nothing major, nothing new. take care! xo instagram @highdeekuan



at the NYX 2014 FACE AWARDS pink(!) carpet / after party some time last month, which i of course failed to post here. thanks nyx cosmetics and bollare for having us and for the amazing, amazing goodie bags. since i rushed over to la live after work, i just wore a simple black turtle neck zara dress with some shirt tied around my waist, added a vintage studded sequin bag and of course had to complete 'the look' with a gin n tonic. so sorry for my absence. lot of things happening and in flux right now. maybe trying to create some youtube/video content because i'm ready for something new! hope you all have been well!



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pants, zara, shirt- urban outfitters, shoes - charlotte russe, bag- balenciaga

seriously, these pants are a severe departure from what is typically hanging in my monochrome and messy closet, so i give myself kudos for that. thank you zara sale! talk to you soon lovelies!



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part of fashion quarterly s/s14 issue. editor: gina jee, photos: richie xiang, styling: me

print's not dead! it is very much alive and well, as indicated in the above FQ issue. always weird to see yourself transferred to a tangible medium rather than customary pixels. anyways, i have been in l.a for two months now& everything here is is go, go, go. the head lights, marquee lights, neon lights, flood lights, street lights--
they all make sleeping impossible.



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downtown los angeles, 2014


dir. david wolfe, music by paolo nutini

due to the link shared above, my faith in the power of images and sound has been fully restored. with so much junk and (i hate to use this term) commercial waste cluttering the web-o-sphere and even the theatres these days, it is reassuring to know that there still is a place in the world for projects like this. anyways, happy tuesday...so sad to hear robin williams died yesterday. goodbye, chief.



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photos by amber pipa, downtown los angeles, arts district 2014 
finally a post from your least favorite absentee blogger. basically what happened was that i moved out to LA a few days after i graduated college about a month n a half ago and started working at the film production company where i interned last year and thus had very little time to blog/whatever. (plus the world cup happened. but let's not talk about that...sad face) but all is great over here. can't complain. (& really, who am i to complain about things in my little life when you look at the things that are happening in the world today?) anyways, hope you all had a mad decent monday. my favorite part about monday is that i get to watch JOHN OLIVER on hbogo. man crush monday for sure....
p.s no that isn't alcohol it's cola




hey hey hey! i suck, i know. but... i graduated college - moved to la - got a fulltime job and life's been a little hectic. i promise to post something this week or the next! in the meantime, here are some projects i worked on during my last few weeks in college with some of my friends as part of STARVELAB's album release and music tour.
actually just watch in HD on the site. SD is basic.

(x) my friend karen and i directed (featuring kayla trautwein, cameron ravenbach)

(x) n were featured (directed by ren ebel tanner cook)

the artist is going on tour so if you wanna check it out.
ill be back soon with a more substantive post. brb xx



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blazer- thrifted silence&noise, shoes-aldo, dress- foreign exchange, watch-nixon

oh man, where do i even begin; so much has happened and yet in a sense so little has changed since i last posted. im really just in denial but also slowly forcing myself to come to terms that the end of college is near... with the blink of an eye i'll be entering the 'the real world' -- whatever that means. in honor of that, i dug up a post from 4 (!!) years ago on this blog, where i expressed my my pre-college sentiments:

"I find the prospect of another four years of institutionalization suffocating. I think I am just going because, you know, that's the thing to do these days. The social norm. And I have conformed, which is okay, but I hope I will never have to compromise myself, my beliefs and my goals for what society demands. But as much as it is easy to blame social pressure, or the parental influence, it was me in the end who decided to move away and dedicate another four years of my life to school. So I am the captain of this ship that is soon about to sail"

Haahaha!! i am dying.. what the f---? when i read this i really couldn't help but silently chuckle. there seems to be so much post-teenage/high school angst going on... (and look at me trying to be all self-aware and stuff). but then again, who knows, maybe four years from now i will reread this post and roll my eyes as well. this, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that i thought it was a good idea to wear all black in triple digit sweaty weather (the blazer i left at home in the end)-- but that is a realm we shall not enter today.
but on a more serious note- the fires in san diego county are heartbreaking- my thoughts are with all of you.

talk to you soon. best, h.



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dress- zara, tailored, blouse- h&m, tights- missguided, sunglasses- ray ban, shoes-f21

hello! i'm still alive… i've been a little absent in the blog-o-sphere and per usual i don't have a good excuse for not blogging other than being extremely lazy and content with my current situation. you know-- wake up, go to class, drive home, eat some food, watch a film, forget to brush my hair, repeat. i guess this outfit is inspired by a french maid who likes to dress like a conservative nun. i had to somehow justify wearing these tights courtesy of Missguided which are genius and oh-so fun because you will never have to do the annoying thing of pulling up your socks because we all know high knee socks always sag and it is such a pain having to pull them up when you're busy hobblin to class.  am i making sense? anyways, they were kind enough to send me two lovely dresses as well which will be on the blog soon. (soon being a rather elusive term here by my own standards) i am currently in the editing lab on campus where i spent way too much time by myself and surrounded by nothing but rows of apple computers and nothingness. sometimes i don't make sense to myself either. talk to you soon! xx



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I am so very thankful for the fact that we have a pub on campus. A beer or two before/after/during class is a must in order to retain somewhat of my sanity on certain days. Paired with my current favorite boots and what more do you need, really? Exported my last video frame on Thursday, which means I'm on spring break right now. Other than a external hardware malfunction that was pretty soul-crushing because I lost more than half of the footage I had shot and a lot of my old photos, it has been a good week and a sweet end a productive and fun quarter. One more to go till I graduate from UCSD. Crazy.